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The beggining of researches in the Brazilian Cerrado, aimed to make use of the region for agriculture, silviculture, and livestock pointed out the necessity to coordenate the activities in order to obtain better results. To achieve such objective, it was held in 1962, at the University of São Paulo, the I National Symposium of Cerrado.
In 1965, when the II Symposium occured, in Rio de Janeiro, the Cerrado was still for the majority of cientists a subject of investigation restricted to vegetal biology. The participants concluded that it would be recommended an effort to diversificate the disciplines related to the study of Cerrado, and they identified as a problem the fact that it had not been established the guidelines of a national development agenda for studies apllied to the Cerrado.

At the III Symposium, in 1971, in São Paulo, there was not much change in research areas, but it caught so much interest that the organizers had to promote silmutaneous meetings, the number of meetings was upgraded from four to eight, the conference had one more day and an extra day was included for presentation of studies.



The IV Symposium, the first one to be hold in Brasília, in 1976, had the purpose to collect contributions to agricultural utilization, trough quantifying, understanding and avaliating the natural resources. The debates and conclusions obtained became tools that had facilitated the performance of the so recent created Cerrados Development Program (Polocentro).

The V Symposium, which theme was " Cerrado: use and management", was caracterized as an excelent forum to debates about the Cerrado's rational occupation and it proportionate quickier acess to information generated in previous years. The theme "Savannas: food and energy" gave the VI Symposium, in 1982, international approach, given that the problems of utilization of such type of biome were common to other countries from South America, Central America as well as from Africa and Oceania.

In 1989, at the VII Symposium, the challenge for research in the Cerrados was the production systems efficiency increment to ensure more food production.

In 1996, at the VIII National Symposium and the I International Symposium, the productivity in the Brazilian Cerrado cultivated area had elevated four times, however it brought some ambiental problems such as soil degradation, loss of organic matter, weeds dissemination, plant plagues and diseases. Since that time it became constant the preoccupation with the rational use of the Cerrados and other savannic environments in other parts of the world.



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