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The Cerrado biome is the second largest Brazilian vegetal formation after the Amazon, and the richest tropical savanna in the world in biodiversity. It concentrates one-third of the national biodiversity and 5% of world's flora and fauna .

During recent years, the growth of agriculture and livestock production in the Cerrado provided considerable enhancements at the contribution of agribusiness to the Brazilian Gross Dosmetic Product (GDP). In 2006, the Cerrado region contributed to 33% of agribusiness GDP, employing aproximately 40% of the labor force. To find equilibrium and technological solutions which allow not only to create wealth, but also to share this income, contributing to promote integrated and sustainable development of natural resources, ensuring life quality to present and future generations are new challenges for this millenium.

The theme "Challenges and strategies for the equilibrium between society, agribusiness and natural resources" has been chosen to delineate the main discussions of the IX National Symposium of Cerrado and the II International Symposium of Tropical Savannas.


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